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Planet Horticulture is a Bay Area landscape and garden design studio creating amazing landscapes that are creatively brilliant, environmentally intelligent and ecologically friendly.

Explore Planters & Containers in the Landscape

Planters are an essential way to personalize your outdoor spaces while creating individualized conditions to feature specific plants and enhance architectural style. Built-in planters or elevated planting beds are a great way to extend the design of your residence or business space while creating secondary spaces and directing circulation in your landscape. Individual pots, urns, or containers are available in nearly any size, shape, or finish and can be used individually or in clusters. They can shape and accentuate outdoor flow, form gathering areas, or pick up colors, style, or themes already present.

Whether the container is an individual work of art or mass-produced, it can set the garden's mood. Minimalist, historical, formal, modern, or casual, achieve that look with the right containers and plantings. Keep urns in a similar or complementary style, shape or finish, to avoid clutter.

Plantings in pots should also look cohesive, though they may serve distinct functions – herbs near the kitchen, fragrant flowers near a doorway, rare orchids in a courtyard. Change the plantings if you want a fresh effect.

Planet Horticulture is here to help you make the best choices for your situation and budget. The right containers and plants can have a significant effect on your space.

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