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Planet Horticulture is a Bay Area landscape and garden design studio creating amazing landscapes that are creatively brilliant, environmentally intelligent and ecologically friendly.

Explore Trails & Paths in the Landscape

Trails and paths are the easiest way to create circulation around your property and garden. Even a modest-sized landscape benefits from a logical path system to access all the essential areas.

On large properties, especially in rural or natural settings, trails are crucial to enjoying your land. Paths will get you to destination spots, vista points, and any special features you want to visit or showcase. They must be safe and welcoming, inviting you to go further. We prefer to create trails that work on natural contours, avoiding unnecessary steps or geometric patterns. Vegetation management on the periphery is critical where poison oak is present.

Turn your property into your private park to jog, stroll, photograph wildflowers, or slip into contemplation. Contact Planet Horticulture to realize your dreams.

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