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Planet Horticulture is a Bay Area landscape and garden design studio creating amazing landscapes that are creatively brilliant, environmentally intelligent and ecologically friendly.

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Everybody loves to see and hear water in the garden. Some people may be fortunate enough to have a real creek or pond. Ponds create excellent focal points as they reflect the sky, host many water-loving plants, birds, dragonflies, etc., and double as swimming holes. Creeks are usually a destination to discover and a spot to pause.

Most gardens display water in fountains or basins. It is vital to make sure the style supports the house's architecture and the landscape design. Spouting, pouring, or moving water will require proper electrical to keep pumps and filtration working correctly. Most standing water will need mosquito fish.

Canals, rills, or artificial waterfalls, also require electrical power and pumps. They are bold visual statements but may need particular engineering to function correctly.

Ask Planet Horticulture to come up with a water component for your landscape!

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