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Planet Horticulture is a Bay Area landscape and garden design studio creating amazing landscapes that are creatively brilliant, environmentally intelligent and ecologically friendly.

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A great home garden reflects the personal taste of the owner, is an extension of the home and is in sync with the surrounding environment. Planet Horticulture’s award-winning artistic skills combined with sound ecological principles of sustainable landscaping produce a unique landscape that is an aesthetic pleasure while being in harmony with the environment. With our expertise in native plants, xeriscaping, green roofing, edible landscaping, water, soil and habitat management, we evaluate your landscape needs employing a broad inter-disciplinary perspective. We are experts in using water effectively both in irrigation techniques and creating water features. We can illuminate your landscape with the latest LED lighting technologies. Using organic and sustainable practices we build healthy landscapes.

Have Planet Horticulture use its extensive knowledge of the enormous array of horticultural and native plants that can be combined effectively to create nearly any aesthetic or ecological style. Our site assessment and development strategies will help you establish project specific goals and objectives that will help you evaluate the various costs and benefits of various options. And we can create a strategy for the continued operation and maintenance of the garden and infrastructure. Planet Horticulture residential work has received Awards of Excellence from Sunset Magazine‘s Western Garden Design Awards. Publications featuring Planet Horticulture include The New York Times, The London Daily Telegraph, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Gardens Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset Magazine, Country Living Gardener, Pacific Horticulture, and more. Many books related to horticulture and nature have featured Planet Horticulture. Roger Raiche has contributed many articles and photographs to various publications throughout his career.

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About Planet Horticulture

     Gardening is profoundly human. It marked a transition in human development where we  decided to change from simply taking what was there to creating more of what we wanted and needed to thrive as a species. Plants sustain and nourish us, creating fresh air, food, medicine, fiber and construction materials. Beyond their utility, landscapes and the plants found in them offer us many emotional and spiritual rewards such as joy, comfort, wonder and sense of connection through their beauty of form and flower. The ties that bind humans and the landscape are indivisible. 
     The infinite patterns found in the natural world inspire us. We are also inspired by how  the myriad of cultures have used plants, architecture and art, formally and informally, to approximate an ideal of beauty, to recreate paradise. These influences and ideas help us to customize every landscape to meet the needs and visions of our clientele. Our landscape improvements have practical purposes that include water conservation, edible plants, cut flowers, drainage, stabilization, access and having exterior living spaces. We see design as an organic process that requires careful planning, but that also allows the flexibility to create during the installation, indeed over the years as the landscape evolves.

David McCrory, Founding Partner

David McCrory is a founding partner, manager and director of operations for Planet Horticulture. He is the initial and ongoing contact for inquiries and questions about your project. He is a good listener and focuses on working with each client to achieve their goals. Dave is also the human resource manager making sure to have a safe, effective and courteous team. As project manager, he implements and coordinates work at the site and maintains client, employee and supplier communications. He is the communication link to insure that everyone is on the same page and the work progresses as smoothly as possible. Dave will guide you through the consultation and design process. His spatial design skills and practical construction experience will help you envision the possibilities of your hardscape, circulation and flow needs of projects. He is also talented plantsman who understands microclimates and unique aspects inherent to each site. Dave embraces and loves his work process, honed over the past 20 years with Planet Horticulture.

Roger Raiche, Founding Partner

Roger Raiche is a founding partner of Planet Horticulture noted for his creative design skills and encyclopedic knowledge of plants, both California native and from around the world. He coined the term Planet Horticulture.He understands plants both in the wild and as garden plants. With a deep understanding of ecology and landscapes, he can evaluate their inherent values and produce authoritative plants list for any site. Roger is also chief liaison of the unique ecological area in Sonoma County called The Cedars. He has discovered new plants to science and has had four named in his honor. Roger has the great honor of being the California Native Plant Society Fellow of 2011. His grasp of the distinctive climate and ecology of the Bay Area coupled with his passion for the diversity of plants from around the world, gives Planet Horticulture a unique edge in creating gardens. He also brings another valuable perspective to garden layouts and hardscape issues. Roger is well known for his over 35 years creating gardens, including 23 years in charge of the California Native Plant collection at the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley and 20 years as owner partner with Planet Horticulture.   See More...

Planet Horticulture's commercial work has received the Statewide Trophy Award for Special Effects from the California Landscape Contractors Association. Many books related to horticulture and nature have featured Planet Horticulture. Roger Raiche has contributed many articles and photographs to various publications throughout his career.

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